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The Mastermind

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Puzzle | 2.9MB | Update: 2013-02-06 | Version: 1.1 | Requires: Android2.2 or later

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Are you the real Mastermind? Can you see through the code? Try and find out if you have the brains for it!
User reviews:
★★★★★ "
Great game.
Love this game! And you will find there is a systematic approach to finding the numbers faster. Won't say how, but the more you play it, the easier it is to find shortcuts to getting the correct line of numbers. Please make this game have real-time online multiplayer.
" - Julia
★★★★★ "
Great fun for all ages!
Gets the grey matter working - especially when your 8 year old son is repeatedly beating you!
" - Anonymous (probably ashamed ;))
★★★★ "
Really entertaining!
Great game. Once you get the hang of it, it's much easier but still challenging and lots of fun!
" - Barbara
This is a brain-stimulating but relaxing game of pattern-recognition and basic logic application. It is based on the classic game "Mastermind", a.k.a. "Code-Breaker". It involves cracking a four (or five) digit code as fast as possible. The UI is meant to be simple, convenient and intuitive for devices of all sizes.
The game requires fast and deep analytical thinking, so those who like playing blitz chess games would love this one.
In the Help menu you can find an in-depth Tutorial, explaining everything from the basic rules to the advanced logic behind the game.
Game rules:
Players take turn in guessing the secret code of their opponent. Each time a player makes a guess, he receives information about his success. The information is given in the form of two numbers, one red and one blue.
The RED number means the amount of digits you have guessed right, but which are in a DIFFERENT POSITION in the secret code you are trying to guess.
The BLUE number means the amount of digits you have guessed right and which are in the CORRECT POSITION in the secret code you are trying to guess.
Considering this information limits the possibilities with each turn. In Player v.s. Player mode, players start with a time limit and gain bonus seconds with each turn. Whoever manages to figure out the other players' secret code first - wins.
The secret code could not contain 0 (zero), so the 0 could be used as a "blank" character. There could also be no repeated digits (like 1337).
In the new "Get Rated" mode your goal is to try and break a random secret code as fast and with as few attempts as possible. The average scores of your last 10 games are your Fast Thinker (average time) and Deep Thinker (average attempts) ratings, which you could share and compare with your friends. The right column shows the number of possible combinations left, if you fully and correctly consider the feedback from all your attempts so far.
Please do NOT use the rating system to report any problems or to submit ideas and requests, since there is no way for me to contact you for any further information. Instead, please use the provided contact e-mail. Thanks!
Development support:
This app is developed solely by me in my free time. I really like developing Android apps and I'm trying to make it a full time job. If you like my work and want to support my efforts - please give a 5 star rating and share it with your friends! You can also buy me a beer by using the in-app Donate option! Thanks!
Add me on Google+, I'll discuss ideas for future features there!
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What's new

* Removed unused libraries and expanded the monetization opportunities to enable future development of the app and adding new features (multiplayer).
* Fixed a rare bug causing some miscalculations when the "no luck" option is used.
* Significantly decreased app size.
I have been neglecting this app for the past several months but I still plan on implementing online multiplayer mode, so please stay tuned!

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